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KPL 25 Planetary-Bevel Gear

KPL 25 Planetary-Bevel Gear

KPL-25 planetary- bevel gear with a power of 250 kW and 315 kW is manufactured in 2 ratios conforming to RAG N335000 and depending on the ratio works with the engines with a power of 250 kW and 315 kW. It is designed for the drive of belt conveyors and other equipment used in the mining industry and may be used also for general applications in other branches of industry. A gear is a modern gear with a modular structure and cast steel body. The first member is the bevel gear with bevel-arc wheels with forced external cooling in a water jacket, while the second member is the planetary gear (epicyclic). Gear output shaft is sealed with Goetz seals. It is also possible to equip the gear with a back-stop.

Technical data

rated power 250 kW / 315 kW
input rotation 1500 min -1
overall gear ratio 24,7058 / 20,9186
allowable longitudinal slope ± 600
allowable transverse slope ± 150
weight 2500 kg

The gear is splash lubricated with TRANSOL SP 320 gear oil (50 liters).
In addition, the input shaft bearings are lubricated with ŁT43 grease.
The gear is shipped without oil.