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Repair and reconstructions

Our factory has a wide possibilities of reconstructing and restoring based on provided models of different gears, shafts and other machine parts.
We have a Höffler measuring instrument for gears through which we are able to accurately reproduce the parameters of the worn teeth, and a diversified stock of machine tools allows the professional overhaul of gears of various types, for example:

  • helical gears
  • bevel gears
  • planetary gears

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Our experienced technical staff is able to reconstruct from the module every gear and develop the design documentation for possible replication of production. The program for gear geometry allows accurate calculation of the teeth geometry, which translates into a very high quality of refurbished reducers and other toothed components. This is particularly useful for the reconstruction of gears whose production has already been ceased.

Three main stages of the process of the repair of the transmission gear or reconstructing gears:

1. verification of the degree of the wear and tear,

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2. measurements and reconstructing consumed elements,

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3. assembly of the repaired transmission gear.

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