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AP-400-22-30 Planetary-Bevel Gear

AP-400-22-30 Planetary-Bevel Gear

AP400-22/30 planetary- bevel gear works with the engine with a power of 22 or 30kW . Is used for a drive of scraper conveyors such as SKAT, PRP -150, PZG-180/440 and other mining equipment and machinery. It is a modern double gear reducer with a cast steel hull, whose first stage is constituted by a pair of bevel-arc wheels, and the second stage by an planetary (epicyclic ) gear. It is equipped with compensation bellows equalizing the pressure inside the hull with the external pressure, to prevent suction of dust into the gear during its cooling. It has forced water cooling with external water jackets and modern output shaft sealing with Goetz seals. The construction of the gear's terminal to the conveyor allows its attachment at different angles. The gear is characterized by a very long service life and low sensitivity to transient overloads. It is manufactured with three different ratios and with different variations of output connecting terminals.

Technical data:
power for all ratios: 30 kW
input rotation: 1500 min -1
output rotation: 60,0; 54,0; 47,4 min -1
overall gear ratio: 24,992; 27,769; 31,667
dimensions: 728 x 700 (570) x 480 mm
weight: 401kg

– with a multi-spline output terminal, size W100 x 5
– with a multi-spline output socket, size W100 x 5

The gear is splash lubricated with TRANSOL 150 gear oil (8.5 liters).
In addition, the input shaft bearings are lubricated with ŁT43 grease .
On request a gear can be fitted with a crown-pin coupling with an input hole Ø50H7 or Ø55H7.
Gears are shipped without oil.